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Grady MacTavish is an award winning Canadian filmmaker born and raised in Dawson Creek, BC. His versatile work features short films and commercials that he has directed, written, and produced under the name of his film production company, MacWood Productions.


He strives to create entertaining films that carry a strong socio political meaning and brings an energetic collaborative attitude to filmmaking.


He currently has several projects in the works, including a black comedy web series called A Little Racist and a science fiction, time travel feature film called Past, Present, Future. 


Ryan Headshot teeth.png

Ryan Leawood is a Canadian filmmaker and musician, and has been in short films and advertisements since his youth.

Since middle school he has studied filmmaking, as well as animation in more recent years, He went on to compete in the Regional Skills Canada Animation Competition where he and his partner won their first Gold Medals. The next year he returned, this time with Grady MacTavish in the Video Production Competition. They competed against incredibly skilled filmmakers, winning them their first Bronze Medals.

In their graduating year, Ryan and Grady were honored for their work in their Videography and Filmmaking courses, and would go on to found MacWood Productions.

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