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MacWood Productions is a Videography/Music Production Company that lives by our motto: A Classic Film Feel for the Digital Age. We are award winning filmmakers based out of Dawson Creek, British Columbia, and we pride ourselves on our high quality, cinematic feel, for an affordable price. Our only concern is that you're happy with your final product, and we'll put in the effort to get you there. Offering affordable packages anywhere from studio photography, to filming on set, to aerial property photos, we guarantee that we've got the lowest price for the highest quality.

Not only do we offer highly skilled camera operators, but our technicians in the background offer knowledgeable and well practiced photo and video editing and touch-ups. Professional Lighting and Sound Recording can be also provided for projects.

Having years of experience in our field gives us the confidence to say you will be happy with our approach to cinematography, sound design, and the post production process to bring the final product to your home.

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